Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We're Like this

Last nice at bedtime Woof Woof Woofie was most taken with the word "stupidhead" repeating it over and over. Then for reasons I can't recall, the Possum said "mochila", which the Offspring and I agreed, sounded much more like a small furry rodent, suitable (only) for wearing around a woman's neck and/or shoulders, rather than a "backpack". It was necessary to spend a great deal of time playing in the bathroom with fur stoles from the dress-up box and repeating the word "mochila" in as many sentences and silly posh accents as possible. And, of course, to attack one another with the end of the stole where a face would be if this were the Ghostbusters movie where the fur attacks the woman.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Back Up Your Birth Control Day

Are you backed up?

For more on EC, check out The Well-Timed Period, for the answers to all your questions.

I encourage everyone, whether or not you think you might need it, to check on the availability of EC in your area.

Hat tip to Alison.

Friday, March 16, 2007

What We're Reading

I'm currently in all sailor all the time mode, reading Peter Pan to Woof Woof Woofie and The Pirates! In an Adventure with Communists to myself. The Possum checked out The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists, but she's reading Half Magic right now. I'm reading Snicket's The Bad Beginning to her (last chapter tonight), but that has a character with hooks for hands, so it feels right.

Currently accepting sailing/pirate recommendations for any age level. Also, accepting tacky Hawaiian shirt recommendations.