Monday, April 10, 2006

Lending a voice

Femivist » Blog to Raise Awareness About Sexual Violence - April 18th

Sexual violence is unacceptable in all forms. Investigate reported crimes. Prosecute the perpetrators of violence. Don't blame the victims: offer them treatment, and emergency contraception, and belief. Sentence convicted felons to jail.

How hard is that? Why does that feel like too much to ask?

Oh, I know: It's because El Salvador, in its anti-abortion craziness, has brought the words forensic vagina inspectors to my vocabulary.

It's because, as Broadsheet has noted, accusations of rape against a lacrosse team are primarily covered on the sports pages. Although it could be worse. It could be stuck in the "women's section."

It's because the forcible marriage of young women doesn't only take place in emerging nations.

It's because I learned today from Mind the Gap! that rapists in Mexico are just courting, and that rapists in the UK are getting off with a caution. Still, the Sentencing Guidelines Council are recommending lighter sentences for English and Welsh rapists.

It's because a young woman in Iran faces execution for stabbing one of three men attempting to assault her and her niece.

It's because you can get away with rape if you're a cop in New Zealand.

I could go on, but it would just depress me. Feel free to provide more links in comments if you've got them.


Anonymous said...

Larry King devoted his entire hour tonight to the Duke lacrosse case. This is at least the second time since the alleged incident surfaced that he has done this. The story was the central segment on on Anderson Cooper 360 which was the next program on CNN which is not a sports network.

Kaethe said...

Truly, I'm delighted to see the story covered anywhere at all. Justice 4 Two Sisters is doing an excellant job covering this. But again and again you see doubt that such a thing could be.

So, we've got to keep reminding people: "rape victim" isn't part of any job description.

Elizabeth M. said...

Our local paper has the latest AP story at the top of the sports section: Defense: DNA does not match. One team member's attorney refers to the accused players as "boys.": "There is no DNA evidence that shows she was touched by any of these boys."

Kaethe said...

I've got to acknowledge these defense lawyers are proving their worth. Perhaps there are some problems you can just throw money at. With some of the DNA analyzed, they're already saying that a lack of confirmed DNA is proof of innocence.

No sir, we're relying on the documented and photographed contusions to show us she was beaten by at least one of those "boys." "Thugs" is such a useful word, too.

Elizabeth M. said...

I can hear the cheers now: Taint! Taint! Taint that jury pool!

Kaethe said...

Oh, there are going to be a lot of complaints about the jury pool. Durham's pretty diverse: 45% white, 44% African-American, 9% various others with 9% self-identified as Hispanic or Latino, regardless of racial identity.