Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's a Carnival of Treed Groundhogs!

Somedays a girl needs reassurance that "it's not just me." Turns out, it's not just me, my family, our groundhogs, nor our trees. There's some kind of crazy epidemic of groundhogs in trees, which makes this more clearly a mark of the end times, or, if you live in the reality-based community, compelling evidence that "ground"hog is a belittling stereotype. Whatever.

Enjoy*, and feel free to provide more links in comments.

Groundhog up a Tree 2

Tree-climbing groundhogs on speed, #2 Photo

Ground Hog, the song

...and a Groundhog in a Pear Tree, the Musical

Groundhogs at HogHaven - Berry

Groundhogs at HogHaven - Berry (2)

*If I were more skillful and/or more informed about using other people's images, this would be a better looking post. But given my skills and knowledge, you're just going to have to click.


radiantfitness said...

and it's not just the groundhogs either.

Squirrels attack me. They pelt nuts at me when I walk under trees. They chitter malevolently.
If you have ever heard malevolently chittering, you know it is scary.

Kaethe said...

Damn squirrels.

How are you? How's the offspring?