Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Finally, A Good Night's Sleep

...which I haven't really had in seven and a half years. Kids tend to disrupt sleep. It's wonderful to snuggle with a baby or toddler, and co-sleeping while breastfeeding was a piece of cake. but by age five or so, their legs are too long, and their arms, and that adorable tendency to sprawl sideways means I spend all night wedged in between two people, unable to move, and wake up drenched in sweat from all that body heat and with my left leg killing me. Something about being trapped on one side makes my left leg kill me, all the next day, and I have to lie on the floor and pop my hip, and it's hard to sit in my chair for very long at all. Waaanh.

But lo! I bring tidings of great joy! Because last week, for the first time ever, Princess Carrots (four years, ten months) woke up in the middle of the night, came to me for something to drink, and took her drink back to her bed. Her bed! Where she stayed, the rest of the night! Last night, she did it again!

The reason she didn't have to climb into bed with me, was the Possum (seven years, five months) was sleeping with her in the lower bunk. What do I care, her poor sister is getting crawled over repeatedly? She's young and strong. Hehehe.

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