Tuesday, January 16, 2007

That Miracle Grow was a Bad Idea

This is my youngest, rather tall child, (currently) aka, the Purple Penguin.

This is my eldest, tallest child, aka the Possum.

Soon my evil plot will come to fruition and the Spouse will never again be able to hide things from me on the top shelves.


Debi Rowland said...

Heavens, that is a whole lotta cuteness.

Kaethe said...

Thank you. Soon I hope to provide photographic evidence that we also raise large cats.

Sarah R said...

Heh. Now I've found your blog, you'll never be safe from boredom again!

Debi's right....seriously cute kids there. Why don't you bring them to Baltimore with you when you come?

Kaethe said...

Thanks, but no thanks. Expecially since I'm going to be in meetings all day every day.

You could come see us, though.