Friday, August 31, 2007

We're Back in School

Ahhh. It's been a tricky week. Kindergartners were split with half starting Monday and half starting Tuesday. Woof Woof Woofie went Monday, visited the doc for another x-ray (cast off in two weeks!) on Tuesday, missed Wednesday to have ear tubes inserted, and so is only completing her third day of school this week.

What a difference four years makes. When we sent the Possum off, we blithely put her on the school bus for the three block trip each morning. Had the bus schedule not changed to something really inconvenient, we'd probbly have stuck to it. She didn't tell us much about school or how it was going, so it was the first discussion with her teacher at six or nine weeks before we found out how miserable she had been, crying every day.

But third grade is great. Of twenty-two students, she's already had classes with seven, and she's got her best friend from second grade in there.

While the Possum isn't embarrassed to have her mother walk her to class, Woof Woof Woofie is. That's right: on her second day she asked me not to walk right beside her, and this morning she wanted to be dropped off out front. They're great kids and endlessly fascinating in the ways they resemble one another, as well as the ways they differ. Which is exactly what I liked about having two kittens from the same litter thirteen years ago. Cat ownership was good preparation after all.


Leggy said...

What an independant girl you've got there! Of course I had my first serious crush in Kindergarten... on a 6th grader. I've always had a thing for older men I guess!

Kaethe said...

Wow, you were precocious. I don't think I developed a full-blown crush until fifth grade.