Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dumb Like a Stump

Friendly Coworker: What's wrong?

Me: I broke my toe.

FC: No, you didn't!

Me: Yeah, I did.

FC: What did you kick?

Me: A snowman.

FC: No, you didn't!

Me: Yeah, I did.

(updated to add the snowman)

That's him. That's the guy.


Lisa said...

Hey, those snowmen can be pretty damn tough. Ouch.

Kaethe said...

Heart of ice, I tell you.

Rooie said...

Men...what are ya gonna do?

Sorry about the toe. I broke mine in gym class after a teacher forced me to try a cartwheel. She didn't believe I couldn't do it and she didn't believe I hurt myself. Heh. I loved going in the next day and handing her a slip getting me out of gym for 6 weeks.

Kaethe said...

It's healing quickly, so I count myself lucky. Oh, I miss those doctors excuses from gym. I once got out an entire semester for tonsilitis; my tonsils are always abnormally large, as it turns out.

I wish adult life came with those kinds of notes.