Wednesday, March 12, 2008

YouTube - dancing walrus

Now this is dancing with a star.

This is my first embedding. Hope it works okay.


Cara deBeer said...

Oh yeah, it works perfectly. Even through my feed reader widget on my igoogle page.

I loved the starwipe almost best of all.

Kaethe said...

I feel so "with it" as the kids today are saying.

Well, except I have no idea what you mean by "starwipe".

Tabby said...

Excellent, Kaethe. Loved it. And I have no idea what the starwipe was, either.

Kaethe said...

It perked me up, too, Tabby. Some days, we need video of dancing walruses. It's a wonderful world that provides them.

PC said...

The wife's only comment, through the laughter: "Is that REAL?!"

And I assume the "starwipe" was the star-shaped blackness that covered the screen right at the end.

Kaethe said...

Oh, abracaduh. How did I watch that [some large but unspecified] number of times and not notice the star at the beginning or the end?

Glad to share the joy of dancing walruses with your lovely wife and you.