Monday, April 28, 2008

More on The Pressure Boys Reunion

Raleigh's News & Observer ran a long article on Sunday.Pressure Men:

"Kick-starting the Pressure Boys back to life has not been simple. Frontman Plymale, guitarist Settle and saxophonist Stafford live in the Triangle, but the other three in the reunion are scattered across the country. Trumpet player Je Widenhouse lives in Asheville, and drummer Rob Ladd and bassist Jack Campbell both reside in California. So they're having to rehearse when they can (including this week)."

Be sure and check out the audio slide show. Kudos to the Spouse, for making it all sound awesome.

More on The Pressure Boys, the fabulous collection Songs for Sixty Five Roses, and the two bands The Pressure Boys and Sneakers

I can hardly wait for Friday night's show. Here's my life: I'm worried about being too tired for the concert, because I'll be at my daughter's dance recital dress rehearsal all evening. The Offspring are too young to attend the show, sadly.

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Thanks for writing kindly about the show.