Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank You, Rooie!!!

Life resumed being difficult on Monday, when the PandaBat was sent home from school with the live bugs in her hair again. Ew. And I had to come home from work and comb out nits while the sun was strong in the den. But there was good news. The very helpful nurse at the doctor's office called in the prescription strength stuff for me* and that was comparatively much easier to use. And the mail carrier brought me a freaking huge box, which was nonetheless, quite light. And lo: the most beautiful socks of great softness and comfort, handknit with loving care and attractive packaging, including care instructions.

Well, if you've never had a pair of handknit beautiful socks of great softness and comfort bestowed upon you for a frivolous effort, then you have not yet discovered real joy. These socks are a revelation, akin to my first really good mattress**, or 400-thread-count sheets, or being able to breathe through my nose***

But wait, there's more joy to behold. Because Rooie also included a gift for the Offspring. An advent calendar, starring Olive, the Other Reindeer. We freaking LOVE J Otto Siebold. And Olive.

For this kind of pleasure you might expect to pay hundreds of dollars (my feet have had a really great day). But I got all of this, plus Amazon air bags, you know what I mean? which, it turns out, are the bubble-wrap popping experience pinnacle. An adult holds a kid's arms steady, while the kid jumps down on one of those suckers with all her weight, resulting in a BOOM that can be heard quite well outside the house, despite really good insulation and double-glazing.****

So, lice and gifties. Net win, I say.

* Lesson learned: don't screw around with the OTC stuff.

** Original Mattress Factory, and still a delight to sleep on every night

*** I told my mom I couldn't breathe through my nose, but did she believe me? No. Thankfully, the specialist did.

**** I know, because I heard the cannon-like explosions while I was out taking pictures in the sun of my front porch, because Rooie always photographs her yarn in natural light, I suppose to ge the colors right, but somehow I erased those pictures without downloading them, a tragedy undiscovered until tonight, when I finally had time to write up my thanks, what with Mondays travails throwing Monday itself and Tuesday, too, into an over-busy muddle.

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Rooie said...

Yay! They arrived safely. And they look as though they are nicely slouchy on you. Hurrah!