Thursday, March 05, 2009

Snowy Day

We've had three snowfalls this year, which is unusual for us. We try to take advantage. This is the kids heading up to the house with the hill for a little tobogganing.

Looking down the hill to the river. Pretty.

Yes, making American Gothic in snow pretty much cleared out the front yard. But we got to put the snowman kit to use.

I don't recall ever seeing icicles like this on any house I've lived in.


Debi said...

I love the smoozty snow people. And how pleased they look. It's a picture all Southerners (born or circumstantial) understand.

Kaethe said...

How pleased "they" look -- do you mean the family, or the smoozty snow people?

"Smoozty" is going to be my word for the day. I couldn't stop saying "streudel" earlier, to the Possum's chagrin.