Monday, June 08, 2009

Adieu, Readerville

My beloved Readerville is no more. I can't say how much I'll miss you. Thank you Karen, for all your hard work over the years!


Gyorgyi L said...

Hello, Kaethe. I was drawn to your blog because of the "Adieu, Readerville" message. After several months of inactivity on that site because of business pressures, I decided to start participating again - 2 days after it had closed. Arggh! It is like deciding to call someone you haven't talked to for quite some time and finding out they died just days before. One of life's crushing little ironies. I am feeling a palpable and gnawing sense of loss, and blown opportunity; I can't even imagine the sadness among the true loyalists - those who were much longer-term than I was, unfortunately. So I am just reaching out to former R'villians when and where I find them to say hello, I'm still here. G_Lulos (

Kaethe said...

Thanks for dropping by. Not only do many of us have blogs, but there are Readerville alums on FaceBook and a Readerville Veterans group at Goodreads. Stay in touch.