Friday, June 30, 2006

Here's My Sense of Humor

Yesterday the Spouse told Wolf Wolf Wolfie (4 1/2 years old) that he was planning to loose some weight.

"You do have a big belly," she agreed. He told her he planned to watch what he ate and to get more exercise.

"You're going to have to pee and poop a lot" she said.

* * *

Earlier I had given the Offspring a hard time about not getting ready in the morning.

Wolf Wolf Wolfie, oddly channeling James Dean, said "You're ripping my world apart."

* * *

In the car, apropos of nothing as far as I could tell, the Possum (7 years old) said, "Clover fell into the Realm of Death because she was wearing her pink suit."

Yeah, happens to me whenever I put on a pink suit.

Wolf Wolf Wolfie disagreed. "It was red."

The Possum decided to compromise: "Let's just say it was violet."

I say "pink", you say "red", so we compromise on "violet" which does not appear between pink and red on any spectrum in my universe? I don't think so.


Lauren Baratz-Logsted said...

I'm not surprised to see, dear, that your offspring are brilliant. :)

Kaethe said...

"Nor am I, nor am I" she said modestly.

PC said...

I'm sure DH is adjusting his weight-loss strategies even as we speak, K. Ha!

Kaethe said...

Of course, he's stocking up on diuretics and emetics.