Thursday, June 22, 2006

Julia: Redirect

In the comments of a Hirshman-spawned discussion I saw this

"Which leads me to my point...women of the last generation have helped to create the inflation which has disallowed women, for the most part, to have the choice
to stay home. The majority need to have two incomes to stay above water. I find
child rearing and creating a positive home atmosphere extremely important. I
also believe women are far more superior to men, I am a feminist in that way,
but the last generation has done us a disservice because now we have to do

Next things you know, feminism is going to be blamed for global warming. Women created inflation? That's some staggering economic ignorance. As for the historical ignorance, do people not realize that most of humanity has worked? That child-rearing had to take place around all the other tasks that survival demands? That the novelty of a mother staying home with nothing to do but rear children only ever applied to a handful of people of a certain economic class, for a certain brief time? Of course, feminism has never been about women's "superiority" either. Oh, that worthless feminism, all I wanted was full legal equality under the law, and somehow I got stuck with all the dirty laundry. Back in the golden age of yore I'm sure women didn't have to do laundry.

How can one individual be so wrong about so much?

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