Friday, April 20, 2007

It's All About Meme

Pro-science asks : Why do I blog?.

Let me count the whys:

1) Because I am always posting comments on other blogs that are way too long, and still having more to say. Really, way, way, way too long. So part of blogging is to edit my ideas down a bit, and part is just having all the space I need.

2) To keep the occasional friend and relation up on the cuteness that is the Offspring. Without actually forcing them to look at pictures or respond with strained laughs and rictus smiles. Really, no one has to click or comment.

3) Like the rest of my life, I can imagine exactly how great it could be if I only had more time. Unlike boxes of books I'm never going to read, it's incredibly easy to keep an infrequently updated blog. No dusting required.

4) To share my blogroll, because there are so many insanely skilled bloggers out there, and I figure every little link helps.

5) To get in the last word.*

* "mochila" [moh-chill-ah]

Five reasons, so I'll tag five blogs:

Insane Troll Logic by my doppelgangirl
Mimi Smartypants
MOM: Not Otherwise Specified
Faux Real
Atheist in a Minivan (no Possum relation, thanks for asking)

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