Monday, August 18, 2008

Do People Ever Hear Themselves?

Overheard, one woman talking to another, probably about their weekends:

I just forgot to eat. Well, we only stopped at gas stations and McDonald's and I don't eat that stuff, so I just forgot to eat.

That "stuff"? We call it "food". And you didn't forget, you decided that starvation is preferable to eating certain foods, which, you know, if you were talking about okra I'd totally agree with for at least a few of hours. But hey, there were Pringles in those gas stations, weren't there? Maybe some Circus Peanuts to add to your color wheel of junk food?

Hmm, I wonder how starving I'd have to be before I'd eat okra? More than eight hours without food, I think. Probably I'd opt for chocolate-coated bugs first.

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