Monday, September 08, 2008

Career Day

Sometime during the past few days, and between the sleeping sickness and the hurricane it's all a blur, the Offspring told me of their current career goals.

The PandaBat is pretty ambitious: she wants to be a world famous pop-singer as a teen, but then, afterward, on her twentieth birthday I suppose, she's going to quit that and become a panda savior of some kind. She's looking forward to learning Chinese (Cantonese? Mandarin? what's the preferred language of the Chengdu Breeding Center or the Woolong Preserve?) She mentioned a couple of other things she wants to do at the same time, none of which I can remember anymore (see sickness and hurricane, above). Being a panda vet, too, maybe?

The Possum is hoping to train dogs professionally. Not obedience, she wants to train working dogs either as helper animals, like her friend's Murphy, or as police dogs.

I'm a sick woman. 'Cause after reading World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, I'm thinking how great those dog-training skills will be.

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