Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Heartwarming Parent Moment

Usually the Offspring get ready for bed around 7:30 (on school nights) and I divide the time between then and 8:30 evenly between the two. While I'm reading the PandaBat's book(s) to her, the Possum is reading to herself. Halfway into the time, I switch books and the PandaBat listens or goes to sleep, whichever.

Okay, so tonight I finished the Bat book from the school library, inserting the phrase "straw up its nose" wherever possible, because the info was already familiar, although the pictures were new, and that enlivened the text a bit. Also, I got to point out that the book was flawed, with pages accidentally left blank. Then it was a bit of Yolen's Sea Queens, from the Grania O'Malley section.


I pick up Varjak Paw, ready to read the final chapters, the Possum logs the pages she's read from the second Percy Jackson book, which log is part of her homework, and the PandaBat runs across the room and grabs some Step Into Reading Books off the shelf. So, I finish off Varjak, and begin Tanglewreck, and every ten minutes or so, there's a muttered and satisfied "Done" coming from the bottom bunk, as yet another book is completed.

See, it's not even funny in the retelling, but it makes me go all mushy inside that my kids enjoy reading so much.


Rooie said...

Oh yes. And just wait. In not too long a time they'll be telling you that you really ought to be reading Flannery O'Connor and Gogol and Faulkner and saying "You shouldn't just be reading another mystery!"...

Love those readers.

radiantfitness said...

Not far from the tree fall the apples . . . remember me? Your girls are lovely still.

Kaethe said...

Not only do I rmemeber you, I was thinking about you Sunday. How are you and all those guys?

And of course, the question that I always ask: what are you reading?