Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Catties

Luna sleeps while Mao makes biscuits on her.

I'm typing this with Queen Luna Grey DeLisle on my lap. She's giving herself a bath and cleaning my thumbs as well. She's enjoying looking at the pictures on the computer, I think.

His Excellency Chairman Mao has gone into hiding after jumping on the kitchen counter and bringing three large noisy pans down.

They seem to be settling in nicely. We're all in love.


Rooie said...

Oh, so cute! Now I want some kitties.

Lisa said...

Ssssh, Rooie, you have kitties.

Those are some beautiful ones, though. They look really sleek and soft, not to mention quite chilled out for new additions to the family. Congratulations!

Kaethe said...

Thanks, y'all. They have settled in really quickly, probably because they have each other.

Last night the Spouse trimmed off the fat while cutting up chicken for supper, and they wouldn't come when we called. Then when they finally emerged, they didn't get the whole concept of table scraps and a plate. Took them a while to catch on.

Elizabeth said...


radiantfitness said...

Chairman Mao? How, oh how did you avoid the pun-ishment? (Or do you pronounce it punny???)

Kaethe said...

I had to modify that in the post. The spouse insists that the full name is "His Excellancy Chairman Mao".

Props for puns at our house.