Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thinking about Web 3.0

Yesterday, while listening to music and organizing data, a song triggered a passing thought of an old friend from college. I googled him, and found him at FaceBook, which I promptly signed up for, just to say "Howdy! How the hell are you?" as one is wont to do. By coincidence which I do not credit to any sort of cosmic plan, I just happened to look him up on his birthday. So, again, "Happy Birthday, Clayton!"

FaceBook is, I think, much less visually annoying than MySpace, which I also joined to keep in touch with a specific friend. Of course, the idea of the blog is to create a sort of home for myself, where everyone who knows and/or loves me can keep tabs. But I want it all in one spot.

Right now, there's the blog, the blogroll, websites (which I visit less frequently if there isn't a feed), there's Readerville the journal, the forum, and the Note:Books, there's two different email addresses (at least), a Kodak account that came with the camera, and so forth. I know I'm forgetting a ton, and I know I haven't even brushed the surface of all that's available, like, oh, say fantasy football leagues. And in addition to one Lotus calendar at work, there are at least three hardcopy calendars in the house keeping track of the Offspring's activities, or most of the ones I haven't forgotten to write down.

Someday, I will have one virtual home. I'm looking forward to that.

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