Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No disease metaphors, please, I'm British*

The Possum, Mom, and I were all sick last weekend, particularly unfortunate as the Possum's friend was staying for the weekend. Then on Sunday I discovered the head lice, and had to treat all the humans. We've now had three days of being home sick, because of course, the Spouse and the PandaBat got the virus too, with all sunshine hours spent in front of the den windows, picking nits. In between times, the linen gets boiled.

And then last night, a crazy alarm went off at midnight. Sump pump failure. I didn't really catch it all, over the nits, but we were pumped today and are having septic work done tomorrow, also. Plus Mom had a little procedure at the hospital today.

The good news: I've got mad nit-picking skillz. Another career path not taken, along with wet-nursing.

Pretty much hating the world, except for the Greys, Rooie, and Adam Rex.

* I was speaking with a new gentleman at work last week, and he thought I sounded English. That still surprises me.


Rooie said...

Oh, yikes. And I thought I had a sucky weekend.

We may have had strep every other week, but thank heavens we never had head lice.

radiantfitness said...

I, too, had considered wet-nursing. Had I known you were contemplating back in that phase in our lives, we could have been partners. Just think of all the "two" and "twin" names for our enterprise we could have come up with. Alas, an opportunity missed.

Captcha is "nonor." Definitely a sign from God.

Kaethe said...

Sure, but what's it a sign OF?