Monday, October 06, 2008


This is old, but Rooie posted funny Rachelism, which reminded me of a funny Possum-ism.

No, I couldn't speak that if my life depended on it. But I'll spend the rest of the day thinking it (Possum-ism,'s hott in Toe-peeeka)

In the distant past, when the Possum was a scant 18 months or so, we were enjoying a beach vacation with my in-laws. (Probably a beach vacation. Maybe the mountains, though, we've done that several times, too. Possibly even the vacation when I was expanding along with the soon-to-be PandaBat.) The Possum was in the corner, playing by herself, when there was a perfect conversational lull, and we could clearly hear what she said next

Octogon saves the day!

Let that be a less to us all: never underestimate the importance of regular-sided shapes.

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