Tuesday, October 07, 2008

You're never too old for something new

The PandaBat entered the monster haiku contest at Adam Rex's blog. She dictated her first ever haiku to me with glee. After I hit post on the comment and walked her off toward bed she said, "Everyone will see it."

Yes, I said, everyone who goes to Adam Rex's blog to tell him how much they love his books.

She considered this, then, "I feel popular. I never felt popular before."

Meanwhile, across town, the Possum was attending her first Girl Scouts meeting. She'll go camping for the first time this weekend. The list of stuff she needs is way long. Thankfully, the marvelous Spouse will undertake to provision her, because 1) this is not a good week for me to try and cram in one more thing and 2) nothing in my life experience has prepared me for purchasing a mess kit.


Debi said...

Awww. What a big day at your house!

Rooie said...

PandaBat! I love your haiku! I hope you win the big prize!

Kaethe said...

It's a whole month of big days. Crazy.

I hope she wins the Grand Prize, too, just so I can find out what special surprises are in the lunchbox.

Lisa said...

All hail the power of the pen! That's just great.

Kaethe said...

I hope y'all are going over to check them out. There's a number of entries by kids, and they're great!