Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Sure it will Come as No Surprise

to anyone that when I have managed to read or reject my library book stack down to a mere three volumes, I look up my account today and discover six, count 'em, six books on hold for me.

I'm now on page 28 of No One You Know, on loaner from the fabulous woman in the next-door office. This cover shows profiles of two women, either of whom might possibly be Christine Lahti. I love Christine Lahti, so that's okay, but it makes me think I'm looking at a movie tie-in. I'm not snobbish about tie-in covers, especially not on a loaned book, but I am vaguely disappointed that I won't be able to see the movie soon starring Christine Lahti. I request that the movie-making powers-that-be fix this lack in my life.


In related book news (related to me, I mean), funniest parenting moment in a while: Friday night at nine o'clock I tell the five girls in my living room to start getting ready for bed. They've already had a PJ fashion show, so they're dressed, but teeth must be brushed, etcetera. A short while later I look in on them, and there they all are, spread hither and thither with a selection of flashlights and lanterns, and everybody has a book. Yeah, that's right, I let your kid stay up too late reading at my house. You're welcome.


The Possum is using most of her reading time for Battle of the Books books. This week she's going to get together with a classmate to film a fake news segment, including a fake commercial, about a book for class. I wouldn't be as touched by this if I hadn't just posted about writing and filming with Melissa, these several years ago. Sample bit: the two newscasters break for a commercial and start fighting. Camera comes back on to them as one is crawling up off the floor. Other newscaster holds up product and says, "Get up off your knees, honey, use Step-Saver."

As far as I can recall, I've never actually seen anyone scrub a floor on her knees, and when my beloved MIL mentioned recently that she still scrubs the kitchen on her knees, I was shocked. I couldn't have been more shocked if she told me something more deliberately shocking.

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