Saturday, January 09, 2010

My Dream Has Come True

Apparently we've all been good enough in aught nine, because Santa brought us Rock Band 2. Seriously, when I had an opportunity to try it out at our good friend's just after Thanksgiving, I thought I had found the best! game! ever! If only a reality show would finance our family's need to perfect Rock Band. (Okay, I wouldn't watch the show, but hey, I don't watch most of them)

Well, since Christmas day, we've been working on our act. Like the Balancing Act, we switch instruments and lead singing around. Well, we've finally gotten enough practice to make failing out less likely. We've formed a band, Taco Bat, and we've taken our act on the road. Oh, yeah, tonight we won the Battle of the Vans and scored a '75 van. We played several songs reasonably well, earning pay, and, excitingly, hats. Yes, hats! Weirdly, the Spouse's male character did not receive the same hat the three female characters.

Anyway, I'll be sure and let you know the Taco Bat tour schedule as it firms up.


I ask you, doesn't it seem marvelously old-fashioned and wholesome, the family band practicing together after supper in the evenings. I feel like Ma in Little House and the Prairie, or something even more retro and homespun. Well, it suits, I guess. It shows signs of being an unusually cold winter here.


Lisa said...

Hello world here's a song that we're singing / Come on get happy

Kaethe said...

A whole lot of loving is what we'll be bring/to make you happy

That's it: I'll imagine our virtual van as painted like the Partridge Family bus.