Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Resolutions Failed

I said I was going to devote myself to reading the books on the shelves at home. I meant it, too. I really want to read a lot of those books, as well as weed out more that I haven't wanted to read for fifteen years or more, and probably never will.

But no good resolution goes untested. The Spouse took the Possum out to run errands and go to a Girl Scouts event and dinner, so when I asked the KitKatPandaBatWolf what she wanted to do, tops on her list was visiting the new library. We had graciously been given a private tour of the downstairs, which is all children's, before the Grand Opening. We have already located, admired, and thanked my mom for the brick out front with our names on it. But last night we had the opportunity to go in and linger.

So we did. We observed everything. In the new reading area for kids we played with giant stuffed animals, and picked out books to pose them reading. The giant stuffed dog was left relaxing in a chair reading Carl's Birthday. We found the oversized Cat in the Hat that we gifted to the library years ago, and stretched him out, leaning smugly on one hand amid the Seuss books.

We went upstairs and saw the bust rows of computers, and picked up something from the teen display, I checked out the new adult titles and grabbed something, and found quite a few books by the second grade classes author-of-the-month, so we checked out those, and we found some new kids books to check out, and then, while trying to locate some American girls nonfiction titles we stumbled across the books on the states, so we each picked out a nice new one for the Possum to use for her research project. We did a little homework, we goofed, I placed requests, we said hello to all our librarian friends; I'm telling you: we reveled in that new library.

And so, my resolution went bust. But it went bust like a balloon we kept bouncing up and down on, just to hear it blow.

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